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Custom Software for A Travel Recommendation Engine

Synergance developed the first-ever global automated Travel Recommendation Engine custom software and web application.

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    Meet the Client:

    The company is the first global automated Travel Recommendation Engine, which brings a logical connection to the process of destination selection, itinerary creation, travel guides, booking, and sharing. They cater to the entire value chain of a traveler’s requirement, by bridging the gap between travel planning and execution.

    Project Details:

    The client wanted to have a portal that would allow customers to enter their preferences while planning a trip. They wanted the web app to recommend the locations with attractions within the customers’ date of availability, budget, mode, and preferences while traveling.

    Solutions Provided by the Client:

    Technologies We Applied:

    Why Synergance?

    Our motto is to provide you with custom software development and web development solutions for our clients. We work hard, so you don’t have to!

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