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Figma to Webflow

Looking for an agency to build your Figma design on Webflow?


Get a Free Consultation

    How it Works?

    Our team of skilled Webflow specialists at Synergance possesses extensive expertise in flawlessly translating your designs to Webflow while adhering to best practices. We employ tried and tested processes that guarantee a meticulously crafted and structurally sound Webflow website that you can proudly call your own.

    Share your design with us: 
    We will conduct a thorough review. Subsequently, we will provide you with a detailed plan on how we intend to build it on Webflow.

    We’ll get to work:
    Once the design is finalized, our team will promptly commence the implementation process, ensuring timely delivery of the website.

    We value your feedback!
    We encourage you to share your thoughts and comments with us. You can provide feedback through Markup or Slack, as per your preference.

    We’ll get your team trained:
    We will arrange training for your team members once the website is finished. The site will be transferred to your Webflow account, and we will provide comprehensive training on utilizing the Webflow Editor, CMS, and Designer. If requested, we can also provide recorded videos for your convenience.

    It’s time to make your site live!
    With all systems prepared, we will handle the hosting and domain setup on Webflow, ensuring a seamless transition. Your site will be published promptly, allowing you to go live without any delay.