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Industries We Work With

Our custom-designed software development solutions are well-suited for all industry segments, from start-ups to multinational corporations.

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    Travel & Hospitality

    Travel & Hospitality

    Synergance, with its domain expertise, has developed and delivered customized Travel & Hospitality Software Development solutions that help our clients overcome specific business challenges. We offer a broad range of software development services for the Travel and Hospitality industry to boost its revenue.

    Our best-in-class developers have developed and delivered various software, such as Travel Recommendation Engine, Travel Portal, Restaurant & Hotel Management Software, Travel Agent Software, Booking Engine, and Restaurant & Hotel Management Recommendation Engine.


    With advanced technology and virtual learning, the modern Education Industry has evolved in recent years. Several institutes, schools, and colleges worldwide seek support from the IT sector to make learning interactive and streamlined for the students.

    We, at Synergance, have strong expertise in creating custom software solutions that address critical challenges in the Education Industry. We have developed custom software for various Educational Platforms that simplify and automate the process of Student Enrollment, Schedules, Assessment & Grading, Document Management, Students’ Information, Virtual Classrooms, and Faculty Management.

    Retail & Ecommerce

    The future of the Retail & Ecommerce industry relies on highly efficient software development. We offer secure e-commerce software solutions that give comprehensive business insights, right from discovering products to customer buying patterns.

    Our development team has developed many cutting-edge applications for the Retail & Ecommerce industry. We have developed software solutions right from POS for Retails (that manages cash collection, inventory management, and reporting), to System Integration, Ecommerce Web Application, and Mobile Apps.

    Logistics & Distribution

    The Logistics and Distribution industry is the foundation for the global supply chain. In this fast-paced economy, the logistics industry faces challenges like maintaining clear visibility on the entire workflow, tracking shipments, order management, tracking rural areas, environmental compliances, and security issues. Synergance holds an upper hand in developing software solutions for Logistics, Distribution, Shipping, and Transport Industries.

    Synergance Developers have developed many complex projects like Warehouse Management System, Fleet Maintenance System, GPS Tracking Software, Freight Management System, Freight Forwarding System, and Cloud ERP Software.

    Media & Entertainment

    The Media and Entertainment industry can acquire new audiences and extend customer lifetime value through advanced technology. Our solutions have helped businesses gather data, give insightful results on audiences, identify media patterns, content personalization, and audience measurement.

    Synergance, a leading Media & Entertainment software solutions provider, helps companies develop next-generation digital solutions like Digital Asset Management, Digital Rights Management, Enterprise Content Management, Audience Analytics, Digital Publishing Solutions, Gaming Development Solutions, and many more.


    The healthcare industry has evolved and grown significantly over the years, and advanced technology and software have played a vital role in making that happen. Right from clinics to hospitals, the implementation of advanced software has helped healthcare industry professionals address various challenges like maintaining regulatory compliances, maintaining confidentiality with patients’ data, and mitigating operational risks.

    Our software development team is expert at developing Patient Portal, Hospital Management System, EHR/EMR System, Fertility Clinic Management System, Organ and Tissue Donation System, and Healthcare Applications.

    Others Industries

    At Synergance, we focus on addressing the various challenges faced in every industry sector and want to help businesses adapt to the upcoming digital future. Our expert Development Team has helped create strategic software solutions to improve cost and work efficiency.

    Our innovative software solutions are tailored to the ever-evolving expectations of multiple industry elements. They include web-based or tach-aided systems like Accounts Management System, Record Management System, Revenue Management System, and many more.

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