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WordPress Development  –   Better Functionality, UX and SEO

Bring Your Web Development Vision to Life with an Integration-Rich and Fully Scalable WordPress Hosted Website.

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    WordPress Development

    Custom WordPress Web Development Services

    Want a WordPress website for your new blog or webstore? If yes, you’ve come to the right place. At Synergance, we can build a fully-customized website that matches your bespoke technical and aesthetic specifications.

    When we build your WordPress site, our focus is on giving your visitors the most accessible, enjoyable and memorable browsing and shopping experience possible. Our team of web development specialists can help you migrate to your new site seamlessly while preventing data loss.

    Reasons to choose us for WordPress Development

    Questions? You’re covered.

    WordPress is a content management system that empowers anyone to publish content on the internet. It allows you to build a basic website or eCommerce store where customers can buy your products anywhere. You can even sell tickets to events on your WordPress website. It is a fantastic platform to use for both personal websites and businesses. You can create your own website after a brief tutorial from an expert WordPress development company.

    WordPress web development services are free to use, both commercially and privately, and volunteers maintain them. This means that, unlike tangible products, it is constantly being improved and has a vast community. You can also help improve WordPress and learn from the community of volunteers. Currently, nearly every fourth website on the internet is powered by WordPress. That’s a phenomenal number!

    You may be wondering why you should choose WordPress website development. This popular content management system has grown into a powerful tool with over 455 million websites worldwide. The open-source nature of its custom software development services means that thousands of developers are constantly improving it. Because WordPress is free to use, it offers endless possibilities for design and functionality. Moreover, WordPress is available in over 120 languages, making it an ideal choice for business applications.

    WordPress offers a vast selection of free themes and plugins for e-commerce. It is a highly customizable content management system. Small and medium-sized businesses will benefit from the ease of use of WordPress as even new users can customize the software themselves. Our custom WordPress development agency is flexible enough to accommodate any kind of website, from a personal blog to a complex enterprise site. It is free to use and maintain, making it a cost-effective solution for small businesses.

    Using WordPress is simple. It allows you to create pages in a matter of minutes, post content, and organize it the way you want. If you are unfamiliar with HTML, you can use its markdown language feature to make changes to your page’s HTML. Our custom WordPress development service also includes in-built themes, allowing you to customize it to suit your style and business. You can also upload your own themes, which you can then use on your site.

    A traffic dashboard is available for your website, which is far more informative than the traffic statistics provided by other website-building tools. You can see the number of visitors and views for any post and page on your website, as well as the number of likes and comments made by readers. WordPress also has an integrated blocklist and open proxy checker and offers a variety of plugins to customize its appearance. It is free software, which allows you to run the program for any purpose, and you can even modify and distribute modified versions to others.

    The truth is that WordPress is not 100% secure, and hackers are constantly targeting WordPress websites. But with 65.1% of the CMS market, this news is not that alarming. The reason is that custom WordPress website development is extremely popular and has a large number of plugins to choose from, including thousands of premium extensions. So while the software has vulnerabilities, it is still safe to use.

    Using strong passwords is vital. A password manager and two-step authentication for your administrator account can help you manage your account security. You should also rename the default database prefix to prevent SQL injections and safelist your IP address to restrict access to the admin area. Our WordPress agency uses a cloud-based web application firewall to help protect your site from SQL injection attacks, cross-site scripting requests, and forgery attempts.

    Customizing WordPress is as easy as tweaking the theme. Themes allow for extensive customization, and you can extend some. Some of these themes have additional functionality, including page builders and theme frameworks. You can also use the Customizer to change specific settings, such as the color scheme.

    There are a few essential safety tips to follow when customizing a theme. You can change the theme’s colors, fonts, logo, and other aspects. The theme will also allow you to change default page layouts and fonts. But for making drastic changes, you need to understand all the code. Don’t worry – there are several tutorials online. Once you’ve done this, you’re ready to customize WordPress. You can also hire a custom WordPress website development company to help you.

    We only require any technical specifications you have for the site, along with your brand assets, such as logos and brand colours. If you have an existing site you’d like to migrate, please share the link to the site.

    To build your WordPress website, we will either choose an existing theme that matches all you need, upgrade an existing theme or build a fresh theme from scratch. It depends on your requirements and budget.

    Yes, we will. We send through essential updates and security patches as and when they are released. That way, your site will be fully up-to-date. We also regularly back-up your data on external servers.